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Bienevue: welcome Welcome to Péché Mignon. We are delighted to bring you typical French gifts from all the Regions of France. Our passion is to provide you with a mix of contemporary stylish every day products so that you can add a touch of French flair to your home… and your life! Peché Mignon literally means “guilty pleasure.” An invitation for all lovers of France to indulge with our treasures!...
Tabletop category

With its glossy colors this beautiful lily fower shaped service will give a definite sparkle to your table!

French Linens category
French Linens

The authentic Art of French Living! Sophisticated tablecloths and tea towels in vibrant colors prove there is no limit to French imagination.

I Love Paris category
I Love Paris!

Whether you're traveling soon to the City of Lights or want to surround yourself with symbols of Paris, here is a selection of delightful gifts for Paris addicts. Ooh la la!

Kitchen category

We love these whimsical and fun products that will bring joy in your kitchen. Connoisseurs will also love our luxurious collection of wine tasting products.

For Your Kids
For Your Kids

Children’s accessories and toys showcase some of the best examples of French creativity and style. Take a look at these practical and fun accessories for your children and baby showers.

We Love Pets
We Love Pets

Kittens, puppies, budgerigars: we love our pets in France! Our selection of products represents them pretty much everywhere and in every shape.

Gourmet Food category

France would not be France without its food. We selected these fine products based on their taste and quality. Bon Appétit!

Home Accessories category
Home Accessories

These stylish lamps, delicate fragrances and unique frames will give a genuine French Touch to your home. Voilá!

“I enjoy the specialties and delights of French living and décor, which is why I always shop at Péché Mignon”
–August Coppola

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